About me

What makes me dif- ferent

Saying I am passionate is pretty cliché, but I mean it. I am an euphoric and empathic, well organized personality with an open mind. I like speaking in public, responsibility and teamwork. Therefore I contribute to many projects and actively shape my future. For me, interest and passion come first – challenges make life exciting. In my free time, I invent new recipes, read journals and spend a lot of time with my friends. I really hate watching TV, unless it is educating or socially critical. My professional interests are complemented by personal interests: psychology, culture and technology. And hey – I am also really interested in being totally myself and different from the rest!

Film & Photography

I love to capture emotions and moments, but I rarely photograph/film. It has to feel right for me – you cannot control art. I only take on projects when I fully identify with them or if they are part of a brand  development.

Brand Design & Digital

Because I really like to work on extensive projects, I am not only specialized in cross-media actions , web & app development but also comprehensive brand communication and brand development.

Project Management

In order to provide effective, targeted communication, projects need to be well structured and controlled. Framework conditions have to be clarified, strategic goals set, resources analyzed and milestones planned.

I am Fiese Liese
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